Contract Logistics at Bursped

Storage is More Than Just Stacking Pallets!

Consumers are placing ever greater demands on industrial and retail companies. In addition to high quality requirements, almost every product has to have a certain degree of individuality. As a result, product diversity is increasing and supply chains are becoming ever more complex. It is not only transport-related interim storage that plays a decisive role in ensuring that goods are stored and then transported to the customer in the right time, quantity and quality. And this is where BurSped comes into playwith its contract logistics team and the corresponding resources… In order to meet all the increased requirements in the supply chain, we offer you a broad product portfolio – both for storage and for other value-adding activities for your goods.

This includes:

Contract Logistics

Warehouse Management

Container loading and unloading

Value-added services

Fixed bin storage

Dynamic warehousing

FIFO / LIFO-storage

MHD and batch storage

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